Sound Healing

“One day, well into the future, Music will at last become the Great Therapy.”
—John Diamond M.D., Founder, The Institute for Music and Health

The Therapeutic value of musical frequency has become widely recognized in mainstream medical circles. It is by frequency that ligands communicate with cellular receptor sites. Medical ultrasound uses frequencies beyond our range of hearing to stimulate the healing of muscles. Though Pythagoras (c. 570–c. 495 BC) was the first to write about treating illness with harmonic overtones, all cultures have traditions of sacred, healing sound.  Until the Industrial Revolution, healing was in the hands of the Priest or Shaman. It was a sacred process that addressed all aspects of those involved. Musical vibration, particularly the harmonic series, works on a cellular level by raising the body’s frequency, through entrainment, allowing healing to occur on all levels.

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